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Engage in Lifelong Learning

Engage in lifelong learning through traditional and online classes, certificate programs, child care certifications, and events at three convenient locations in Wisconsin – Platteville, Baraboo Sauk County, and Richland. Advance in your career with professional development or explore new interests through more than  75 non-credit courses and programs.

Events and conferences held throughout the year in early childhood, Ladies Leadership, and more.
Non-credit online courses and certificates in business, healthcare, self-improvement, and more.
Credit and non-credit, online and face-to-face professional development for teachers.
Credit and non-credit courses, cultural workshops, lectures series, and events offered through Discover Asia.
Art, nature, photography, wellness, languages, water aerobics, tai chi, and more.
Credential and degree programs, classes, seminars and conferences in Child Care Education. 
Online or traditional classroom customized training offered on-site or the location of your choice.